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interaction, vvvv, pulse, animation, game design, processing
design, animation, program
DHBW Ravensburg
An interactive game for two players, which is played by your heart rate.


game concept

ruhigblut. is a full-automated installation processed through vvvv, sensors and an Arduino. It detects the player’s heartbeat and leads him through the game. To win the game the player needs to lower his own heart rate faster than the opponent. During the game the players will be confronted with different, strong and soft visual and auditive signals, which will affect their bpm. At the end the player with the lower heart rate wins and a graph displays how the player’s pulse changed throughout the different stages of the game.

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game description

Ear-heartbeat sensors detect the players pulse.

As soon as both of the players reach a bpm of 140 or more, the game, controlled by an Arduino and VVVV, starts.

The game screen starts to show different animations based on contrast, speed, brightness and other factors, accompanied with various sound effects and music. The visual and auditive impacts will show their effects on the heart rate of the players.

The players see their live bpm result on the screen, and need to lower their pulse faster than the other person.

Once the animation is over, the screen shows the winning player with the graph of the heart rates change during the game.


This was a processing & interaction project at the DHBW Ravensburg.


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